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CAM Realty has more than 25 years of Property Management experience. We manage properties within our local market so that we can provide a more personal service. We treat Tenants as customers. They are the heart and soul of any investment. Our team is dedicated to serving as helpful liaisons between Property Owner and Tenants. This dedication has cultivated long-lasting relationships with both.


At CAM Realty we keep our pulse on the market. We will analyze your property to see what type of Tenant will be a good fit for a long term relationship. As a property management company, we understand the cost of tenant turnover so our aim is to put the right tenant in for your building.


CAM Realty’s goal is to make the perfect match between a property and Tenant. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through our reliable market research to determine the best location for your business. Your success is our success!


Our property management expertise is critical in helping investors choose the right property. We analyze not only the income of the investment, but CAM Realty has the foresight of potential maintenance or code compliance issues that can change the profitability of the investment. Your best interest is our priority.

At CAM Realty, we focus upon the local market so we can provide personal service to both property owners and their tenants. We’re proud to have such good relationships with our long-term property owners that many of them consider us to be their friends.

We strive to develop and maintain good relationships with our owner’s tenants. Technically, tenants may be our owner/client’s customers, but in our mind, they are also our customers. We treat tenants as the lifeblood of both your business and our business.

Besides having enjoyed more than two decades of commercial property management in Southwest Florida, we also offer leasing services. We keep up with the local commercial real estate market, and our decades of property management, leasing, and tenant service experience helps us find the best tenants for long-term relationships with our owners. We are also here to help property owners and investors with commercial real estate sales.

Contact us right away to learn how we can improve your property management and all aspects of your commercial real estate needs.